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I think I'm completely lost, I haven't admitted it for weeks but now..

I really hate being alone There aren't even rooms anymore, just long endless hallways, its likely my fault for falling in that hole some time back--must be a reason afterall why it's hard to find the downstairs</sub>

Kaoru-kun I hope you're happy with your brother now, and somewhere safe in a nice warm room, talking and catching up...or you probably already have since I can't account my being gone for less that two months..

who else? Ah at least I finished my work with Orochimaru... sasuke-kun I hope you're safe now, with your own free will even if you remain a bit of an ass must have given up on me by now, and that's okay, I understand

Long distance relationships are tricky to work out...

I'm finally writing in this thing to note that I'm fine aside fom all the bolders that keep falling and trying to crush me and my low, low chakra and my friends there deserved to know that...

that, and I might never see any of you again jeez Ino would laugh at how skinny I am saying something like "you're trying to get skinnier than me Forehead-girl?" least water runs all through this place so I'm not low at that, een in this dark miserable place.

((I missed this comm soooo *___* I was going to delete it from my faves but too many good rps here...any of you still alive, hiiii <3 )
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*Roxas had come to the conclusion that he couldn't hide in his room forever. Fortunately he came to this conclusion early on. Unfortunately he chose to ignore it and stay in his room anyways. His room was the only thing familiar here. Aside from old comrades that is. But they weren't entirely on good terms and despite the fact Xenmas hadn't appeared from a swirling black portal and smitten him down as a dusk and just because he had managed to worm his way back into his number didn't mean he actually had a job, identity, or life.
It wasn't that he was lonely. He certainly didn't need company.
He was just sick of his room.
Sick of eating ice cream and counting the stars on his blanket, cracks on his wall, and the never ending supply of tissues he could pull out from his Tikitissue dispenser.
So he peeked out. Just barely.
Teresa might have been waiting again, she was like that. Not that he was scared of her of course.
And he certainly wasn't quickening his step to hurry out of the room and through the hall to avoid the off chance she had waited this long of a time for a second chance to attack him.
He wandered, and wandered, and wandered and wandered and wandered, and finally found something interesting.
And more familiar then the metal walls and foreign window views.
Grass and trees and- and water.
So here he was, sitting just past where the water would rise (leather was not fun to get wet), pulling his knees close and watching the water.
Oh, he really loved beaches.*
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*Rose is sitting in the Earth Room, playing with a Nebula-cat*

....It's really nice in here today. I can't believe more people aren't doing anything.

((Soooo, I'm here until Friday! Yay! And I felt the urge to RP, no matter how dead this place is, because I'm assuming someone still checks it.....:P))

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*is in the Earth room...completely the lake*

...Wonder what Sakura's up to...probably healing Orochimaru.
Not much to do around this place is there?
Read or train.
...Not much different than at home though really...just less writing and other...things...

*decides to pick up a small rock and attempt to skim it on the lake...failing horribly...well he does live in a desert you know, can't be expected to skim rocks well even if he's a ninja*

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*Dean has returned. From where, exactly, is unknown, but he's back and wondering where the hell everyone disappeared to.

Right now he's headed to his room to find his phone charger, because he's feeling empty without his music. Might be on the lookout for his brother and Rose, too, while he's at it.*
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AH~ Mr. Lezard, sir~~ I have the information you requested~~~ . . .Wherever you are. . . gah -- *Here, have a Maya holding a large stack of books in her arms, peeking over the side to watch where she's going.*
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Well, that was unhelpful. One of the sequels had better have some more information.

*There's a Russel in the library poring through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Feel free to poke him.*

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This place is vast.

*covered in dust, coughing a bit, and looking distinctly worse for wear*

[[o-omg sorry for disappearing.  I got a job and then summer classes started and between the two I have been pwnt quite hard.  I'm so sorry to everyone I just abandoned, if there are any unfinished threads with either Oreo or Itachi that you want to finish go ahead and post links and i'll finish it.]]
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I honestly can't see how this is even's probably some sort of magic or virtual reality but to make that kind of transition.*yeah he's talking about the Earth room*
...Of course who am I to talk? Might as well just take this as some sort of good news not everything's metal and plain.