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The Mixed-Up Files

the nearest stars are miles away, but I believe I'm onto something big

The Mixed up files of the Nyx space station
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Welcome to the Nyx Space Station. There's no way off, so don't try. The spirit of the station gets very attatched to her guests, so you may as well make yourself at home.

You could be here for a while.

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If you want to join, apply here, with this form:

Character’s Name:
Canon of character (The show, book, movie, etc. that they came from.), and a brief introduction:
Brief background of character:
Canon specific things that you plan to use: (for example, special powers, items, etc.)
Character’s Age:

Your username:
Your preferred nickname:
How we can get in touch with you (AIM, email, MSN?):

Sample Post to the Community (This is THE MOST important part and what we’re mostly going to base your acceptance on. Do not use big words to try and impress us, please write like you normally would if this were not a filtered role-play. There are a variety of things we’ll look at, but I won’t list them here because that’d be too easy. :D This can be as long or short as you want. Look at the main community posts for examples of what we mean.):

Please keep in mind that the app readers are busy people, and it may take a little while for them to get back to you.

Also, if you're not comfortable with someone reading your app, feel free to email it to vintagefeline@gmail.com, or ask a mod to screen the comment for you.

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1: Respect your fellow player. Sometimes they will not want to do things, or have their characters injured/poked/seduced/whatever, and they have the right to say that they don't want something to happen. Likewise, respect that sometimes things do happen to a character (injuries especially), and coddling your character so that nothing bad happens to them is also not a good idea. Be reasonable when accepting or dealing out actions in character. If your character is losing a battle, chances are they aren't going to suddenly gain new abilities which will prevent them losing. You're not likely to suddenly get a second wind if you have broken limbs and bloody injuries. And if you put your character in a situation where something can happen, don't be surprised if something does happen. By roleplaying- especially in a multi-fandom RPG like the Nyx-, you're opening yourself up to the abilities and opinions of other characters. Other peoples' characters may not do things that you want them to.

3- Don't demand attention all the time. It bugs people a lot, and it interrupts the flow of things a lot of the time. If people are enjoying a post all to themselves, don't demand that they come talk to your character- don't even ask. If they want to come, they will. Don't pester people to do things for your character, and don't demand that people come and join your posts.

4- Even if the Nyx is your first or your 100th RPG, there is always room for improvement. This doesn't mean that people should be poked into constantly doing things better, but gradually trying to improve yourself is good.

5- Re: spelling and grammar, please make an effort. It really makes it hard for other players to have to decipher what you're saying, and even mistakes like your/you're can bring someone out of the moment. Occasional errors are understandable, but pay attention to what you type.

6- Stay in-character! We realize that this can be difficult at times- especially in multifandom RP, where characters are exposed to stuff that they'd never see in canon- but try to have your character behave in a way that's true to their canon personality at all times. Any and all out-of-character grievances must stay out-of-character.

7- Stick to your canon- don't alter the events of your series to suit the RP better.

8- When posting in the out-of-character community, keep all posts relevant to the RP in some way.

9- All new rooms and areas on the Nyx must be approved by the mods before they can be discovered. This is to prevent confusion.

10 - When crossing canons, follow the laws of the canon you are crossing into and not the laws of yours. If your character uses the magic or special abilities of another canon, the consequences and rewards are decided by the laws of that canon. If it's completely unrealistic for your character to be able to use said magic or special abilities at all, then don't do it. As there are many different characters from many different canons onboard the Nyx, players are not expected to familiarize themselves with the canons of all their fellow players' characters. However, when crossing canons, certain rules must be observed to avoided confusion. If you want your character to use an ability that exists only in another person's canon, it is essential that you find out how long it would take your character to learn said ability and what prices- if any- there are to be paid in exchange for learning or using it. Wikipedia is often useful if you need to know things like that; if, for whatever reason, Wikipedia lacks the necessary information, ask the character's player.

11-RP Threads are done in a multi-threaded style to avoid thread chaos and confusion.

In addition, please read this post for details on the posting format and the like.

Also, please join, under your personal and/or character journals, the sister communities (see below).

This section was complied by hireadd and is still being completed. Any questions you have may be e-mailed to her at blackalbino@gmail.com

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The list is here. Check it before apping for a character, please.

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mixeduptypists - The OOC comm, for plot ideas, announcements, fic, art and whatever else you want to throw at us.

mixedupdaily - The daily comm, so we can keep track of the happenings on the space station. It gets confusing otherwise. Trust me.

mixedupquotes - The quotes comm, for all of those fun quotes that you might come across and want to immortalize.

mixedup_shinies - For Nyx specific fanart, fic, or anything else artistic.

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The mods are Ally (sarcastic_kitty),Ro (forgo), Emma (hireadd), and Micha (bittering).

Ally can be reached at her Livejournal, or through email at sarcastic_kitty@livejournal.com or vintagefeline@gmail.com.

Ro may also be reached through her Livejournal, or through email at roorat@gmail.com.

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